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now at 7...snow is hours away from falling across the tri-state.when the first flakes will fall... and what schools are doing tonight ahead of another blast of winter. 33:38:00 i just feel sick for them. saddened. saddened.marvin lewis aches for bengals fans tonight.. but he says your disappointment is no greater than his teams. what else he's saying about saturday's last second loss. and he had a siezure behind the wheel before hitting and killing a man. but a judge is still sending this epileptic
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good reason. this is 9 on your side at 7. good evening, i'm julie dolan. parts of the tri-state are under a winter weather advisiory. 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with what to expect over
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as the snow heads this way, school districts across the tri-state will decide whether they should cancel class! 9 on your side's ashley zilka explains what goes into making the final call. ashley. right now schools in kenton county are open tomorrow- but that could all change within the next several hours. the district says it's a difficult decision and a lot of factors going into making it. thomas dykes: 7 years old05:24 i like snow days because they are fun. you get to spend time with your family more often. 28 joseph dykes: 4 years old06:31 "build snow mans and snow dogs and snow tables and snow cave. 37thomas dykes isn't the only kid who loves snow days. today- kenton county school district had their first one of the year. the district says deciding whether to cancel school is an arduous process. roads conditions and dangerous temperatures are a top priority.jess dykes: director of public information for the
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02:10 superintendents are going to be up all night. they are going to be up very early in the morning and not only will superintendents be up very early but people who are working on the roads, our custodians who are working on the sidewalks and parking lots. 23northern kentucky superintendents work together with police departments and road crews.01:02 "we have also to make sure that our buses are up and going with the low temperatures and that we have our sidewalks scraped and our parking lots scraped. 12kenton county has five days built into their school calendar specifically for weather. today- they used their first the kenton county superintendent keeps an eye on the forecast tonight- the well-being of the district's 15-thousand students is the main concern.02:27 we want to be in school but we never want to take any chances. we will always err on the side on years old06:45 "are you hoping for another snow day tomorrow? yeah, yeah, yeah yeah!!!" ideally, school districts like to make the decision as soon as possible to give parents enough time to make childcare
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get an automated call but you can also check the district's twitter page... and of course we will have *all* school closings and delays on 9 on your side. reporting live, ashey zilka, 9 on your side. and stay with 9 on your side through the night and into the morning as the snow falls.the good morning tri-state team will be on your side with how the snow is impacting your drive to work or school. 26:59:15 heartbroken. literally to tears. tears.bengals head coach marvin lewis admits it was an emotional loss for his team saturday.. particularly for vontaze burfict and adam 'pacman' jones who had controversial calls against them at the end of the game. following the 18-16 loss against the steelers, lewis held his final news conference today. when asked about specifics regarding those players he said wanted to stay quiet to protect his team-- but he did imply the calls erred in the steelers favor. and because of
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fans. 33:19:00 i feel for our fans. man, you look out there and that stadium was full. it was loud and it rained all night on them. 33:30:1933:44:00 you know, you put your emotions on feelings hurt. it hurts. at the end of the press conference lewis said part of what keeps him going is to see his players succeed-- to see them smile. he says there were no smiles on saturday. another bengals fan is mad about what happened off the field... and he's telling only 9 on your side. side.clay hager and his son, ethan, watched the defeat saturday at paul brown stadium.. when the 11 year old took a blow to the head no thanks to an unruly fan.
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the bud light 50th anniversary superbowl edition bottle. the lid was still on it- beer was spewing out the side of it. so whoever threw the beer can itself hadn't even cracked the paid 10 bucks for this beer and just chucked it. and he took a direct hit from it."> it.">ethan was taken to be checked out at children's hospital for what turned out to be a deep muscle bruise. seven fans were arrested at saturday's game.. and were in court this morning for various charges including assault. and killed a man... man...while having a seizure behind the wheel. the surprising crime that's sending this man is going to jail , after the break. plus, final march.we now know the last time you will see the ringling brothers elephants perform in cincinnati. 9 on your side at 7 continues
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covering butler and warren county news tonight... tonight - an epileptic man is going to prison for causing a deadly crash while having a seizure. seizure.terrence strader blacked out before hitting a car, then blowing through a red light - hitting and killing 62-year-old troy stapleton. but he's not charged in stapleton's death. instead, the charge against strader: not reporting his condition on his drivers license. "i am here today to not only express my sincerest apologies but to also allow the chance
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and foremost may 29th 2014 will be a day that's never forgotten." strader will spend the next year in prison.the judge is also imposing a lifetime ban on driving. an arguement between co- workers leads to a shooting in happened earlier today at cardinal kitchens.two people were hurt-- their injuries are being described as may recognize the name "cardinal kitchens" - that's because the company also has two locations in cincinnati. president obama is preparing to deliver his final state of the union address. the white house released this video today ahead of tomorrow night's speech. in attendance will be cincinnati native and gay rights activist jim obergefell. you'll remember obergefell's case was at the center of last year's landmark supreme court ruling, legalizing gay marriage. obergefell says it has been an exciting year full of achievments and surprises... and the invitation to the
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47:00 jim obergefell says: to learn that the first lady had invited me to sit in her suite was equally as exciting as the events throughout the year. it was stunning. exciting. you can watch the president's address at 9 o-clock right here on 9 on your side. coming up- it's clear now... but snow is making its way to the tri-state.when will it fall?your 9 first warning
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new details tonight in the deadly shooting in mount healthy. healthy.22-year-old elijah johnson is the man who died after being shot at the ameristop food mart yesterday. another man, 21-year-old dominique brooks was also shot and taken to the hospital. police say they are looking for the shooter... someone between the age 16 and 21. 21.if you have any information, you're asked to call crime stoppers at 352-3040. also new tonight.9 on your side is getting an update on the service technician seriously hurt after a boiler exploded at crossroads church last week. john heiert suffered multiple factures to his part of his recovery, he must undergo two more surgeries... one of them being tomorrow. heiert was working at the west side location last wednesday when the blast happened.
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him with a thumbs up from his hospital bed. it was posted online by his wife. a go fund me page has already received more than 75-hundred dollars. body cameras are coming to hamilton county sheriff's deputies. the county is getting the cameras in a deal with taser comes at a cost of 1-point-3 million dollars.the department began testing the cameras nearly two years ago.and in just two months... deputies will wear them as part of their everyday uniform. lawsuits.">a federal grant along with taxpayer money is covering the costs. cincinnati police is also working to equip its officers with body cameras as well... before the commissioners voted
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commissioner was sworn in. in.dennis deters fills the role left open when greg hartmann resigned at the end of last year.before commissioner... deters was a trustee for colerain township. he joins chris monzel and todd portune on the board of commissioners. saving a heroin addict from a deadly overdose just got easier. can now get narcan, the overdose reversal drug, without a prescription.many pharmacies are now approved to sell the life saving drug to friends and family members of addicts. it costs about 80 dollars-- and some insurance companies will cover it. but pharmacists stress.. it not just about keeping an addict from dying. "it is a great point to intercept someone and talk to them, because there's a chance that yeah, these people are never going to go to recovery service, don't know how to do it, are afraid to do it." it."the narcan is easy to use in the case of an overdose. the drug is administered using a nasal inhaler. good news for drivers
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down five cents from last week... and 14 cents from a year ago.and with the snow forecasted for tomorrow, it might not be a bad idea to fill up tonight... so you don't get stuck a reminder, you can find the cheapest gas under the traffic
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tonight - plans to remember a musical great are in the works. works.this morning, many of you woke up to the news that david bowie had died.bowie died peacefully sunday surrounded by his family after an 18-month battle with cancer. he had just celebrated his 69th birthday friday. if someone wins wednesday's powerball jackpot... they can buy the playboy mansion.
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hugh hefner is going on the market for 2-hundred million dollars.the 20-thousand square foot home sits on five acres. there's one catch that could make it difficult to find a buyer...hugh hefner will live there until he dies. when the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus comes to town in march... that will be the last tri-state performance using elephants. the circus announced that it is phasing out elephants in may.the circus has come under fire for it's treatment of elephants. all of the elephants used in the circus will retire at a 2- hundred acre conservation site in florida. a car gets swallowed by a sinkhole.the video - you just have to see to believe, coming up. just how much cheaper you next uber ride could be.9 on your side at 7
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new video tonight of a car being swallowed by a sinkhole outside of kansas city.take a look at how large that hole got after a water main broke just down the street.nobody was inside the car when the road opened up.crews had to bring in a crane to lift the
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uber users will see a drop in prices.cincinnati is one of 100 cities seeing price cuts! uber says january is typically a slower month for rides... it's hoping that lowering the price on a standard ride will generate a boost in use!the price cut in the tristate can save you as much as 25- percent. that is 9 on your side at 7 for this monday.updates on all the day's top stories right
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